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Crazy Horse Volksmarch

Setting out on a misty/foggy hike.   

Our checkpoint reached, now the real climb begins.

Walking on gravel road.   

We are having a good time in spite of the rain.

We thought it would be warmer!   

Back in the woods the pine needles keep down the mud.

Trying to put his umbrella away.   

This was a steep section.

More of an open area with a little bit of mud.   

Blasting Zone.

We met up with Darlene and Phyllis.   

View of Crazy Horse from his arm.

The fog obscures his face.   

Carol posed with Crazy Horse.

Eme taking a picture.   

We gathered at the base for a picture.

Proof that we made it!   

Volksmarchers gathered on Crazy Horse's arm.

Another attempt to get a picture of Carol with Crazy Horse.   

A picture of Ed and we headed back down.